20: A restful day in Perito Moreno


Day 43 (6th Jan.)

We decided to stay an extra night at our hotel as we were both tired and had mundane things to do like washing some of our clothes.  We found a ‘Lavanderia’ which could wash our things and return them to our hotel the same evening, which was perfect. Washing and drying clothes is not an issue at home but when one is travelling it has to be planned for a longer stopover to avoid packing up wet clothes, so to have it done for us is quite exciting!

Our dirty stuff was dropped off here…
…and delivered back to our hotel later in the day

Mark checked over the bike and we will need to replace the bike’s rear tyre soon because with the sidecar only the middle part of the tyre (which is a normal, curved motorbike tyre with a small road contact patch) is in contact with the road and has therefore worn relatively quickly in the middle.  We probably have several hundred miles before having to replace it and will get one at the next large town we stop at.  The other two tyres (front and sidecar wheels) are of a more square profile and are wearing far more slowly.
We spent a lazy afternoon watching English films on the television in our room and will head off in the morning towards San Carlos de Bariloche which will take a few days to get to.

3 thoughts on “20: A restful day in Perito Moreno

  1. We always look forward to recieving your blogs. Sound like everything is living up to expectations. Mark you FB settings look like they may be set very securely, I tried to share you post and it won’t let me. Also Andy Spinks has been trying to connect and he can’t find you. He is leaving Bogota today heading south so still quite a long way from you. Keep up the reports, great stuff.


    1. Hi Colin, nice to hear from you. I’ll have a look at my FB settings when we get good wifi….presently in a filling station in El Bolson. Andy can is welcome to contact us on email vanb@live.co.uk or whatsapp 07718 341421…..maybe you could contact him and give him these details, many thanks. Also, what’s his FB page called…or do I just search for his name?
      Only seen 2 KTM’s so far – a 690 from S Korea and an 1190 (with 21″ front wheel – the R model?) from Germany.
      Now camping on a farm owned by a German couple who spent 16 yrs doing a RTW trip on a pair of XT500’s…their book is unfortunately in German only but I liked the photos in it!


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