1: Five weeks to departure

We set up this blog over the last couple of days and will start adding to it nearer to our departure on or around the 5th November.  I say ‘around’ since, with a cargo boat, the date of sailing may be delayed depending on weather, itinerary and so on.  Indeed, our original departure date of on or around 25th October was quite recently revised when the updated sailing schedules were published a week ago.

We have put up our tent – last used at Le Mans 24 hour race in 2011 – and will spend at least a night in it with new sleeping bags, mats and Jetboil stove to make sure everything’s (hopefully) up to scratch.  So, this will probably be our home for much of the trip, weather permitting.  It’s a Vango Sigma 300+ with room for three and porches both ends:

3 thoughts on “1: Five weeks to departure

  1. The tent’s been pitched in the garden for 3 weeks now and we really can’t put it off any longer… so tonight’s the night! Sleeping bags and mats in position, head torch on so just have to leave the nice warm house now! Will let you know how it goes!


  2. Well, the night went ok but our cat Chicos was very keen on getting in with us! By the morning he had jumped on top of the tent and skidded down the otherside making a hole in the flysheet! This then lead to us patching the hole and researching other tents. We have decided to get another tent with a better front awning which will give us more living space, so an expensive overnight stay!


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