2: Six days before departure & our boat’s cancelled!

We received some bad news on Monday 30th October from The Cruise People (the UK agent for Grimaldi Line) that our boat departure had been cancelled.  We were all packed up and ready to go.  Apparently, our boat had been deployed to a different route due to a lack of cargo booked onto our scheduled crossing.  They gave us 2 alternatives which included catching a different boat from Antwerp or another from Hamburg, neither of which were viable for us.  We had been working towards our given date of Sunday 5th November and although packed up, we still had a few important last minute commitments to do, so not enough time to get to the other suggested ports.

The agents have been trying very hard to book us onto other boats from Antwerp, as it seems Tilburg is being used less frequently now, but so far nothing has become available. The worry with this is that we could wait for a boat only to find it cancelled again and more delay getting away. The next step is getting a refund and looking at air freighting the bike from Heathrow. Mark has been in contact with Motofreight (an air cargo specialist) and we await availability from them. We will get there sooner or later!



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