45: Back to the U.K. and the end of our adventure

Day 142 (15th April) Homeward bound
We were up at 6am and at Buenos Aires Ezeiza airport by nine o’clock, and then back in the U.K. at 4am after an enjoyable, thirteen hour flight with Norwegian Air.
We collected the bike a week later from Motofreight in Egham, near London Heathrow airport. Mark rode the bike home and I followed in the car – completely at odds with where we’d been for the past five months, not one person waved, honked or took a photo of him on the way back!

Mark has now had a welding repair carried out to the fractured fairing support bracket, and he also noticed that a spoke nipple had broken when we were riding to the airport, so that will need to be replaced too; in the meantime, he has fitted a spare rear wheel to the bike.
Our next mini trip will be to the Horizons Unlimited UK event at Baskerville Hall in Hay-on-Wye on 14th on June 2018, so if you have followed our blog and notice our sidecar, please come over and say hello. We will be camping, as even the British rain can’t be any worse than that which we experienced in Uruguay!  http://www.horizonsunlimited.com
Looking back over the last five months and 15,000 kilometres, we realise that we’ve been extraordinarily lucky, and indeed privileged, to undertake such a fantastic journey. Whilst we were completely self-sufficient and totally unsupported, the few relatively minor problems we had were quickly resolved thanks to the friendly, helpful and resourceful people we came across from start to finish – we couldn’t have asked for a better accompaniment to the stunning landscapes, the wide variety of places at which we stayed, and the largely benign weather.
Adios, till next time.

Post script – we recently plotted our route with pins stuck into a map which we hung on our kitchen wall.  We regularly look at it which brings back memories of the roads, the places, the people, the great time we had.


One thought on “45: Back to the U.K. and the end of our adventure

  1. Wow guys I have really enjoyed every moment of the trip you have shared. Well done and many thanks for sharing it. Glad you all back safe and sound. Bet the first night back in your own bed was amazing, best part of coming home I always feel. Catch up soon, jason Wills


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